Thursday, September 13, 2012

Quick update!

So, the muse has been pretty sparse lately. Or rather, it's been distracted by the other few stories I have floating around in my head, or are in need of revision to be viewable by the public else I die of embarrassment at how horrid they were. >.<;;

I'm working on finishing my house with my husband, we're moving in a month, and beyond that, I'm nearly 6 months pregnant. So... to say my brain is scattered would be a huge understatement.

However, in good news, I have at least been doing editing and revision work on "Lunacy" so when I finally do get to progressing and finishing this thing up, there won't be much to do with the previous parts aside from a final teeny polishing.

And remember: The Apocalypse begins on 12.12.12... Are you ready?