Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hectic Holiday Season

Made the trip via car back to NY to see the family for Thanksgiving. Wish my cousins could have been there, but they all live farther up north now. =/

Back home in MD, safe and sound. I've taking up knitting to pass my time when writing is eluding me, and I've found it to be quite stress relieving. It's nice to know that I can provide clothes for my little one who's on the way without having to have anything other than yarn and time. I'm an avid sewer as well, but that's besides the point.

Everything now is down to the wire with "Lunacy". I was going along at a fantastic clip with the revisions, and now I'm down to the second to last chapter and it all just kind of fizzled for me. I think it's all that self doubt so many authors say kills talent before it's ever brought into the light. I've spent nearly ten years on this manuscript, and it's in its fourth stage of revision. I really don't think I can make it much better than it is, but... What if people don't like it? Back when I started writing it, vampires were the huge thing, not werewolves. But now, thanks to the Sparkly-Books-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named, everyone and their brother has jumped on the shifter bandwagon. What if people think it's not even remotely original? What if I find typos in it post-publication? (I'm a psycho about typos, so my work should be nearly typo free.) What if people hate the characters they're supposed to love and identify with?

Granted, bad reviews are part of life, and I'm fully prepared for them. I hope to get some helpful critique, and not just people trolling me with both compliments and insults alike.

Either way, I've got to press on and get it done for one final error combing and then do the formatting thing. Sitting here blogging about my insecurities isn't helping anything. Thanks for listening to me rant, all!