Sunday, December 15, 2013

"Lunacy" revisions, and more

Been a while since I did an update post, so I thought now would be a good time. We're coming up on the holidays, and life is totally insane. Also, planning a Christmas and first birthday for my son is getting increasingly stressful, but I'll work through it.

Anyway, in the writing world, I've had my head buried in my final revisions of Lunacy. I'm about halfway through them now, and I plan to have them completely finished by my birthday (in February). When I hit a block and my eyeballs start bleeding, I've been off writing in naughty land. I've got an erotic short I wrote a while back being considered by an indie press, and I've started fleshing out plans for working on a few more and making it into a series. I actually have a regular novel series formulating in my brain--potentially containing occasional sex, but being centered more around plot--set in the same multiverse. I enjoy world building, a lot, and I actually made everything for this particular world quite a few years back for a roleplaying message board with some friends of mine.

It's pretty complex, and I have a chart of key characters, along with a lot of numerical figures that are either genius or a bit obsessive. Either way, it's really fun to write in, and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you all. If I don't update again before the big day(s), Merry Christmas and Blessed Yule, and happy every other holiday to everyone!