Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Inspiration! - Oscar Wilde

While starting to pack up all my books, since the hubby and I are moving in a week, I came across a collection of small poetry books by classic authors. I flipped through a few and a poem by Oscar Wilde kinda jumped up and grabbed my attention. So I'm copying it here for easier location later, since it sparked some ideas in my brain already.

A ring of gold and a milk-white dove
Are goodly gifts for thee,
And a hempen rope for your own love
To hang upon a tree.

For you a House of Ivory
(Roses are white in the rose-bower)!
A narrow bed for me to lie
(White, O white, is the hemlock flower)!

Myrtle and jessamine for you
(O the red rose is fair to see)!
For me the cypress and the rue
(Fairest of all is rose-mary)!

For you three lovers of your hand
(Green grass where a man lies dead)!
For me three paces on the sand
(Plant lillies at my head)!

"Chanson" by Oscar Wilde

SO many places I could go with this. Definitely digging it. <3