Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Merits & Flaws

Mostly posting up some inspiration sources today. Apologies in advance for the encroaching multiple posts. XD

An awesome compiled list of flaws from the old World of Darkness RPG manuals. =)

Burning Aura (2) (S): Your aura is unusually brilliant; even people who can't read auras will be inexplicably drawn to you. Some may see you as a threat or a snack.

"Special Friend" (aka Supernatural Companion) (3) (most): You have a close ally (essentially one person at Allies 3) belonging to a major supernatural group other than your own. You can call upon her in times of need (as she can you). Depending on the kind of being they are, there may be negative aspects to having this friend as well as positive ones (e.g. a Werewolf having a Vampire ally...).