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"From the Top" ~R.A. Sears COVER REVEAL! Hot Ink Press

Title: From the Top
Author: R.A. Sears
Series: Infernalia Chronicles, Entrance Saga #1
Publisher: Hot Ink Press
Genre: Erotic Horror, Dark Fantasy
Release Date: March 21st, 2014

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Cira's just out with her friends, chilling at the mall on a normal weekend, when she locks eyes with a gorgeous man across the food court. Her heart is set aflame and the world around them burns to ash.

They've been experimenting with human genetics since we first came into being; the Infernals are denizens of a Hellish parallel world, and they've come to claim Earth as their own. There's no better place to create their ideal being, a creature with all of their strengths and none of their weaknesses.

Refusing to kneel, Cira is taken in by a new master, the very same man she saw in the food court before the world ended.A halfbreed with eyes full of hellfire and the patience of a saint, Baxa awakens Cira's urge to dominate, and an unfamiliar yearning to obey.

His disinterest in the Infernal breeding program puts her at ease, and sets her nerves on fire. Can Cira resist this caramel skinned temptation, or will she be consumed by the inferno of desire?

I greeted him at the door by grabbing handfuls of his shirt and slamming him back against the door to shut it. As I suspected, the very slight pain I caused him from the jostling struck me a bit harder, causing me to arch against him, fingers tightening in the cloth to fight against it. “Cira? What the hell are you doing?”

I spun with him, shoving him hard against the wall, crying out from the jolt it sent through my body, but enjoying it in a way I’d never been able to admit to anyone. The heat of the pain brought a gush of fluids between my thighs that I hoped he could feel as I ground my hips to his, pinning him to the wall. I looked up into his eyes and asked point blank, “Am I repulsive to you, Baxa?”

He turned us around with inhuman speed so I was trapped between the solid muscle of his frame and the also immovable wall at my back, the impact knocking a bit of the breath from my lungs. He gripped a fistful of my hair and tilted my chin up, bringing his lips down hard onto mine, his tongue caressing every bit of my mouth in a way that made my knees weak. His other hand, so gentle before, slid beneath my shirt, wrapping those long fingers around my side and pulling me against him with it as he fed from my mouth like my lips were an oasis and he was dying of thirst in the desert.

When he finally let me up for air, we were both panting, my pulse like thunder in my ears. His voice trickled out as a growl that made me shiver, not wholly from fear. “I want to take you until your voice is ragged from screaming and you’ve painted your passion across my skin with your nails and teeth. Do you really think I would want the same from someone I found repulsive?”
© R.A. Sears 2014

About R.A. Sears

R.A. Sears has a cinematic writing style, heavy on the eclectic and strange. A lover of words, she took classes like anatomy and physiology in college--along with criminalistics--to better her craft. Her interest in mythology shines through in her prose, as well as her background in urban fantasy and the paranormal. A protector of all furry creatures and a NY native, she now lives in Maryland with her black cat Nergal, and a dog rescued from Afghanistan who goes by the name Renegade. She shares her space and time with her loving, supportive husband and her firecracker one year old son. “From the Top” is the first of three books in the Entrance Saga.

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