Sunday, February 9, 2014

NEWS! More goodies coming your way soon!

My erotic horror short "From the Top" will be hitting digital shelves March 21st, 2014! I'm having a cover reveal event on FB on February 15th, and you're more than welcome to attend. We'll have games and prizes(keychains, candles, bookmarks, ebooks, and more!), and you'll get a first look at the very saucy cover. ;)

"From the Top" is the first novella in a trilogy called the Entrance Saga, set in the Infernalia Chronicles universe. Once all three parts are released, I'd like to put them together into one print version, and a digital box set.

The story revolves around an average girl named Cira, and how her entire life is turned upside down when all Hell literally breaks loose in the middle of a shopping mall. The Infernals, demonic beings from a realm of fire and brimstone, have invaded. They plan to make our temperate, blue planet their own.

Cira's never felt a connection with anyone like she does with Baxa, a caramel skinned diavol (an Infernal/human half-breed). With his eyes full of hellfire, intriguing scar, and the patience of a saint, how long can Cira resist her urges towards him? And does she even really want to?

Erotica news aside, my novel "Lunacy" has been accepted by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing. So expect a new cover, and awesome revisions that fill in the few plot holes some people told me really got to them. Right now, the tentative release date for that is August 8th, so it's a ways off. Just wanted to share the good news with everyone!